Let's talk about sex. 

Artwork by Emmi Bluhm.

Artwork by Emmi Bluhm.


What is Pleasure Maps?

Pleasure Maps is an arts & storytelling project exploring how humans relate to and live their sexuality. 

Why does Pleasure Maps exist?

Most sex narratives present today are grown out of media and religion-centred cultures. None of these are true reflections of human sexuality.

We stand for expanding the existing narratives around sexuality; for making them more human. Our stories and questions too often stay unshared while sexuality remains a central part of how we relate to ourselves and others. There is too much silence between lovers, friends, families and strangers. We believe that unearthing stories can empower, heal and connect those who give and receive them. 

Pleasure Maps is an opportunity for everyone to actively shape what it can mean to be sexual; one story at a time.


Who is Pleasure Maps?

Pleasure Maps was created, is run & curated by Pau Wojnar, a therapeutic coach (IFS) & anthropologist. If you’re curious to connect about coaching or the project, get in touch at [email protected]